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My Hand Are Never Still

As a child I loved to draw and play with clay. Sculpey was a revelation. I learned to knit and sew when I was in middle school at the Waldorf School of Baltimore and to this day, knitting is my go-to craft to have in my lap. I've taught myself different patterns by watching YouTube videos and am constantly challenging my brain with more difficult patterns.

My embroidery began when I wanted to translate drawings of sculptural works into their own thing. It began with single thread black lines, but has developed into 3 dimensional works on their own. Very satisfying for my interdisciplinary sculpture background. I can honestly say, "I have a degree in that."

A friend gave me some basket making supplies a couple of years ago, so I like doing that. Discovered while housesitting that a pool is the perfect place for softening reeds. My dad's cousin showed me how to weave when we visited her studio in North Carolina. After spending two weeks as a weaving studio at Penland, I also now have a loom. I'm also a member of the Potters Guild in Baltimore, where I make beads and funny little sculptures.

I'll admit it, one of my favorite pastimes is working on art in my studio while listening to true crime podcasts and Netflix documentaries. Add friends or family to the mix and I'm a happy camper. I also think anyone can learn to work with their hands. I would encourage you to pick up a needle, take a clay class, or learn a new skill at OpenWorks. Yes...I am also a member there so I can do woodworking.

I'm telling you – I have a degree in that!

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